2013 The Ship of Tolerance: The Sails by Verbier & Bruson Schoolchildren

2013 The Ship of Tolerance: The Sails by Verbier & Bruson Schoolchildren

The Ship of Tolerance, a project by Ilya and Emilia Kabakov (www.shipoftolerance.org) whose mission is to educate and connect youths from different continents, cultures and identities, through the language of art, will exhibit in Moscow and New York in September 2013. The Kabakov’s have already built boats in Cuba, Egypt, Venice, the UAE and St. Mortitz. Next year they will build boats in Rio and Mexico City. Verbier 3-D is trying to get a boat built in Bagnes for 2014.

The Sails Education Programme

Nearly 200 students, from kindergarten to 6th grade, from the Verbier and Bruson schools participated in painting sails for the Ship of Tolerance. Each child drew his interpretation of tolerance on a piece of one meter by one meter fabric. The amazing results are in this book. The eldest wrote sentences about tolerance and a selection has been chosen for this book.

Verbier 3-D will send the sails to New York, the best of which will become part of the sails of the Ship exhibited at Brooklyn Bridge Park next to a selection of sails created by New York schoolchildren. After the exhibition in September the sails will return to Bagnes to become the sails of the ship built in Bagnes.

During the New York exhibition, the Kabakov’s will organize a virtual link between some American, Russian and Swiss schoolchildren so that they can meet each other and discuss tolerance.

Download a pdf with more information about the Ship of Tolerance