New Acquisitions : ‘Interference Cube’ by Gramazio Kohler



The Verbier 3-D Foundation is delighted to announce the latest addition to our Sculpture Park, Interference Cube by Swiss architects Gramazio Kohler.

This launches an exciting programme of new work acquired by the Foundation showcasing artists that are experimental in their practice, whilst providing an insight into the range and diversity of contemporary artists’ work in the sculpture field.

Imagine cutting a cube out of an onion. The three- dimensional inner structure of the onion leaves a two-dimensional imprint on the surface of the cube. In the Interference Cube, a prototypical spatial unit realised for the Swiss Art Awards, the artists similarly outlined a virtual, spatial force eld on the inner walls of a ceramic cube.

Using a computer, the architects placed this cube into a virtual algorithmic force eld that rippled outwards in space. The surfaces loaded with spatial information radically altered the interior space of the seven-tonne cube. The wall surfaces became receptors that – like computer tomog- raphy – displayed something that is normally invisible. A dialogue was created between the continuous, procedural space of the force eld and the Cartesian geometry of the cube.

This work explores new strategies for making patterns from algorithms. Superceding convention- al pictorial paradigms based on two-dimensional textures, this work marked Gramazio Kohler’s rst sensual encounter with the phenomena they now describe as “digital materiality”.

The work will launch on 19th January in the Sculpture Park during the 2018 Verbier Art Summit.