Jonathan Wright

The essence of his work is the frontier between the imaginary and reality. “What if we never happened“ is the heart of his art.

It is a hybrid object, part nylon, part radio mat, part message board and part musical instrument. The piece asks the viewer to reassess a familiar object and question its meaning.

Jonathan Wright has three major projects :

  • He is presenting the first art digital radio station in UK, called „ Shore to Ship“
  • His work named “Transmission to the sea“ will be projected on a large screen in London for the Olympic games.
  • For the celebration of ‚120 hours’ of John Cage at Free 103.9 (NY), he is presenting in collaboration with „ Folkestone Fringe „ a piece called ” Six lines some of which are broken “.

“When we are deep in day dream, we think about the way things could be. This can confuse the imagined and the real. We can then see the real world and the things we imagine as real also. These are pictures that we can catch and pretend they are real.  These moments captured in an object, a thing means they are now real. These ‘…what if…’ moments are the essence of work.”