Elly Cho

South Korea


Born in 1974 in Seoul, Korea. She has a BA and an MFA from the Slade School of Fine Art and recently earned MA from Columbia University. She has taught at Universities and colleges for seven years in Korea.

Her art is an intersection between the artwork, the environment and the viewer, which she explores in various media. She has exhibited internationally and her works are included in major collections such as Seoul Municipal Museum. Her recent group show includes annual juried exhibition entitled « Going Green » in conjunction with Queens Art Express, New York, Video screenings include Time Square billboard, New York, and special projects such as a huge eco-art project sponsored by Seoul Metropolitan City.

Elly has been shortlisted to show her video on a large screen on Times Square (New York).

“My art attempts to reconcile the past with the present, inspiring viewers to reflect on the cultural landscape of their personal and cultural history. Using various media, I often create installations expressing temporal moments, evoking a fundamental recognition of the nature and environment. I approach the subject matter on cultural landscape in a narrative way. My response to characteristics of the places showcased in my art often relates to my life experiences. In recent video works, I used elegant yet familiar atmospheric landscapes stimulating viewers to engage in an imaginative response. Using a blend of diverse media like spatial and video installations, I wish to transport the viewers into an imaginatively alert and contemporarily aware environment, exploring nature, people, life and current affairs. Through various installation art, I experiment with contact and communication between the art and the viewers.”

She lives and works in New York.